About Us Recent Transactions

A New York asphalt paving company purchased a $145,000.00 used Asphalt Paver (year 2000) from a used equipment dealer in Arkansas. The paving company had over 25+ years in business, pristine credit and had been pre-approved already at their local bank. Concerned about putting all of their resources in one basket with their local bank, the customer decided to work with our Commercial Financing division to secure funding for a 60 month term on the used equipment.

A California post production company secured funding for an $80,000.00 post production deck in which they rent out to their customers. Once again their vendor needed 100% pre-funding before they could even ship the equipment.

A start-up restaurant in Ohio needed a $15k point of sale system for their new restaurant. They also needed a $14k wine cellar collection, which we were able to fund for them. With only a descent credit rating, the company was able to secure a 36 month lease for the equipment.

A Colorado CPA firm in business over 10 years purchased over $50k in equipment for their recent move to a new location. They decided to purchase new furniture, a new scanner, copier and server. 60 month term, only 1 advance payment so they could preserve their cash flow, $1.00 buyout and a Section 179 election to deduct the entire $20k from their taxes this year.