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Working Capital

Prime Business Loan:
We put money into your company bank account and you can use the funds for whatever you like.

This is a term loan structure, principle and interest amortized usually over 3, 4 or 5 years. There is no equipment taken as collateral, just a simple one page credit application.

Unsecured Working Capital Line:
You have up to a certain amount to draw off on at any time.

For example, say you qualify for a $50k working capital line; your company can draw off of the $50k in any increments you like at any time. You can pay the full thing off or make minimum payments (interest only) for however long you like until you catch up.

This works very much like a credit card, however the rates are usually much better and the credit line is tied to your business.

Sale Leaseback:
Our most popular and sensible program.

If you own title vehicles or equipment free and clear with no liens or encumbrances, we will take the title of those vehicles or equipment and put the working capital back into your company.

Accounts Receivable Working Capital:
Factoring against your accounts receivable can provide instant cash for your company.

Simply provide us with a copy of any unpaid invoices and we will loan up to 95% of the value of that invoice.