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Flexible Financing

These programs are designed to assist our customers with the amount of time that it may take for their new equipment to earn the type of revenues needed to match and then exceed the expense of their new finance or lease.

$20 Security Deposit Program:
JB2 Funding has a unique program to help customers requesting minimal up front costs to enter into a lease.

With this program, the customer simply pays the $20.00 to JB2 Funding as a Security Deposit and the 24,36,48,60 monthly remaining payments are calculated using the determined factor.

7x$100 Program:
Customer pays a $100.00 Security Deposit and has their first six payments at $100.00. The remaining 30, 42, or 54 payments are at the determined rate factor.

6x$99 Program:
With this program, the customer pays 2 Security Deposits totaling $198.00. The first six payments are $99.00 followed by 30, 42, or 54 payments at the determined rate factor.

60 Day Deferred:
JB2 Funding offers a 60 Day Deferral Program in which the customer pays the Security Deposit with documentation and then is not invoiced until 60 days after funding. This is actually a 90 day deferred payment plan due to billing in arrears.

90 Day Deferred:
The 90 Day Deferral Plan is extremely helpful for those customers acquiring equipment that does not generate income during the first 90 days.

JB2 Funding has minimal contact payments of $25.00 for each of the first 3 months followed by the normal term at the determined rate factor.

Quarterly Payments, Semi-Annual Payments & Annual Payments:
These programs are designed for companies that wish to pay during certain times of the year.

For example with the quarterly payments, the customer would make their lease payments 1x per quarter or 2 xs per year (semi-annual) or make one payment per year (annual payments).

10% Security Deposit = Buyout:
For those customers requesting a prepaid Purchase Option Plan, JB2 Funding offers the 10% SD=Buyout Program.

With this program, the customer pays a 10% Security Deposit with the lease documents and completes the term of the lease as normal. At the end of the lease term, the original security deposit may serve as the buyout of the lease.

Seasonal Program::
The Seasonal Payment Plan is a marketing tool for those customers who experience fluctuating time periods of higher and lower revenue production on an annual basis.

To utilize this plan, designate 3 consecutive months the customer requires off by completing an irregular payment schedule. The remaining 9 payments during each year will be calculated based upon the rate factors below.