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Capital Lease

The capital lease allows you to pay for the equipment over an extended period of time and then own your equipment at the end of the lease term for the purchase price of either one dollar ($1.00 BUYOUT) or a set amount (10% of the purchase price or a 10% BUYOUT).

The JB2 Funding Capital Leasing Program eases the financial impact of significant one-time obligations for national equipment purchases.

Instead of purchasing equipment outright, via an up front or lump sum payment, this program enables equipment to be purchased by installment payments under a lease to own contract.

The capital lease helps you answer the question of whether to lease or buy. This lease combines the benefits of leasing and ownership, allowing you to know your total cost up front.

How the Capital Lease Works
This lease offers terms of 12-60 months. The end of lease purchase option can either be $1.00 or a set amount (e.g. 10% of original equipment value).

The capital lease offers you the tax benefits of the interest portion of the periodic payments and the option of taking depreciation on the equipment.